Ainhoa Garmendia




Born in San Sebastian (Spain) in 1992, Ainhoa graduated in 2014 as a Product Design Engineer in Tecnun University, San Sebastian. She did her exchange studies in Aalto University, Helsinki, where she learnt from the sustainable lifestyle and the environmental awareness of the Finns. That knowledge was a big inspiration for her next personal projects, including recycling plastic from the sea to design long-lasting products.
Following these practices in design, Ainhoa moved to Madrid to work at Ecoalf, a sustainable fashion brand. Later, she worked as a product designer in Ciszak Dalmas studio, also in Madrid. Ainhoa is very interested in telling stories through objects and creating awareness about social and contemporary issues.
After being part of the Fabrica design team, in 2017 she moved to Milan to work at the design studio of Patricia Urquiola. 

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