Why? It all started with our desire to design a bed for our baby where she could play and sleep without any danger and constraint. A bed where she could sleep even when she will be grown up. 
How? MiauBau bed is directly inspired by the vision of the Italian doctor and pedagogue Maria Montessori. The bed does not have any barrier, such as bars, and allows the baby to easily jump in and out to gain confidence and independence.  
What? That was really a dream project. And we were so happy with the outcome. MiauBau is a bed that can fit either a baby, a child or an adult. It’s at floor level, but it is hygienical too because the mattress does not touch the ground. MiauBau is made in beech wood and it can fit a 190/200 x 90 cm mattress.
Dimensions: H 9 x W 198/208 x D 98 cm | Price: 900 €
VAT and transport included, mattress not included

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