We love design. Design is the projection of ourselves. Everyday life needs a contemporary, out of the box, design approach. We live more and more in bigger cities and in smaller and smaller homes. We share more and more items because we have less and less storage space. We are more and more concerned about environmental and sustainability issues.
Can design do something to make our life better? We believe that the answer is definitely yes.

The starting points of our work and our projects are observation and research. We look at and understand how people and our clients live and what they need. We research how to best address these demands with design.

ars fabricandi has been founded by Davide M. Parrilli. Davide has design in his DNA but he didn’t know it for many years. After several years practicing law, he started to dedicate his life to design. And his creativity literally exploded.
Born in Italy in 1981, Davide studied law, management and interior design. He is designer, curator and entrepreneur. But most important, Davide is tremendously curious about what’s happening on this planet, how the present is, and the future will be.

We realise interior design projects in Portugal and abroad. We create products, prototypes, ideas and concepts that can become tangible outputs. Each product that we make is the temporary end of a research and the beginning of further development.